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Aliva 237 Concrete Spraying Machine

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The Aliva 237 is a compact spraying machine for dry shotcrete as well as for small wet mortar applications.  The low filling height of the hopper allows for easy handling of pre-bagged materials.  The Aliva 237 is suitable for concrete repairs and restoration, joint filling, swimming pool construction, slope protection , slope  stabilisation and mining.


Versions Available


STANDARD – Electric Drive, Single Speed


TOP – Electric Drive, Infinitely Variable Rotor Speed, Output  from 0.4 – 4.0m3/hr



The newly designed hopper of the Aliva 237 allows for spraying of wet and dry mixes. With the addition of a simple engineered exhaust on the hopper the machine can achieve filling degrees of up to 90% of the rotor chamber.  Regular cleaning of the exhaust system guarantees trouble free spraying of dry mixes  and  occasional wet mixes.  The Aliva 237 is equipped with a rotor protector to comply with EU safety standards and ensure a dust free working environment.

Aliva 237 6


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