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About Us

Aliva Limited is an independent British company which has been established for more than 40 years. Aliva  is recognised as one of  the country’s leading  names  in  the  concrete industry.


Aliva concrete spraying equipment is world renowned for superior quality and functionality.

Initially  supplying large construction projects with sprayed concrete equipment our knowledge

and expertise resulted in us expanding and  diversifying   to design and manufacture  concrete admixture  dispensing  equipment, mobile pumps and supplying bulk storage tanks, offering the complete solution.  Our   equipment  is  now  supplied  to  concrete  admixture companies and concrete producers worldwide.   During this time we have gained an  unparalleled  reputation  for  

the  design and  manufacture  of  high  quality,  cost  effective  and reliable  admixture dispensers.

Our  many  years of experience  in  pumping  has  enabled us to also  offer purpose  built  solutions  

to  meet  today’s challenging project requirements.


Aliva  are  proud  of  their  reputation  for  quality   and  service.   We   are  an  BS EN  ISO 9001 :2008 accredited  company ensuring  that  our  manufacturing  facilities   consistently   maintain  high  quality standards.   Aliva   offers   comprehensive   support   to  all  of   our customers. Trained  service engineers are available to  install, commission  and service the equipment we supply so optimum performance is maintained.